2016 Toyota Corolla Front Bumper

Product Overview:
Presenting you with a high quality front bumper suitable for 2016 Toyota Corolla, this bumper not only perfectly replicates the original design style, but also incorporates superior safety and durability, designed to provide your car with upgraded protection while maintaining the smooth lines and modern aesthetics of your vehicle’s exterior.
Product Features:
ORIGINAL STYLE MATCH: Designed specifically for the 2016 Toyota Corolla, it ensures a seamless fit to the body and maintains the original elegant look of the vehicle.
Excellent material: made of high-strength ABS plastic or polyester fiber material, it has excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance and lightweight characteristics, effectively resisting minor collisions and the effects of bad weather in daily driving.
PRECISION MANUFACTURING: Precision processing through modern technology ensures that every detail matches the original parts, ensuring easy installation and solid reliability.
Painting process: The surface is treated with high-grade baking paint, with bright colors and high gloss, which naturally blends with the body color and is not easy to fade with long-term use.
Convenient Installation: Detailed installation instructions are included, and with professional tools (including a one-word screwdriver, a cross screwdriver, a small grade wheel, a black bar receiver, a ten-gauge socket and a snap wedge), even DIY enthusiasts can easily complete the replacement.
Outline of installation guide:
1. Preparation: make sure the vehicle is parked and disconnected from the power supply, open the front hatch and prepare the required tools.
2. Remove the old bumper: first remove the clips (usually 4) fixed under the front hatch cover, then use a Phillips screwdriver and corresponding tools to remove the fixing screws on both sides and bottom.
3. Remove the old parts and clean up: carefully remove the old bumper from the car and clean up the mounting surface to make sure there is no residue.
4. Install the new bumper: Align the mounting holes, fix it roughly by hand first, and then tighten all screws and clips in turn to make sure the bumper is stable without shaking.
5. Checking and adjusting: finally check whether all the parts are installed in place, make sure the gap is even and no looseness.
Purchase Notes:
This product is suitable for 2016 Toyota Corolla models, please confirm your model year to avoid purchasing by mistake.
 If you need a specific color or other customization needs, please inquire in advance, we offer a variety of color options and customization services.
In order to ensure the best installation result, we recommend to have it installed by professionals.
Upgrade your 2016 Toyota Corolla today and enjoy a safer and more confident driving experience. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and hassle-free after-sales service to give you peace of mind on every trip.
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