4″ Round LED Stop Tail Turn Lights with Integrated Backup

Product Overview:

Setting the trend for future lighting, the 4” Round LED Tail Light is designed for modern vehicles in pursuit of excellence and safety. This taillight not only combines the classic round aesthetics with advanced LED technology, but also innovatively integrates the reverse light function, providing a comprehensive lighting solution for your car. Its elegant appearance and excellent performance are perfectly combined to ensure driving safety and show off your personality, whether in the night of a busy city or the dawn of a countryside adventure.

Product Features:

1. Integrated design: cleverly integrates the tail light and reverse light functions into one, simplifies the installation process, reduces the complexity of vehicle wiring, and enhances the overall aesthetics and practicality.

2. High-brightness LED light source: adopts high-quality LED chips to provide excellent brightness and energy efficiency ratio, compared with traditional bulbs, lower energy consumption, longer life, up to 50,000 hours or more, effectively reducing maintenance costs.

3. Excellent light distribution: well-designed optical lens system ensures even light distribution without glare, which not only improves the visibility of the vehicle behind, but also guarantees the driver’s safety vision.

4. Waterproof and dustproof: IP67 level protection standard, whether it is rain, snow or complex road conditions, can effectively prevent the intrusion of moisture and dust, prolonging the service life.

5. Universal compatibility: Adapt to a variety of models, including but not limited to cars, SUVs, pickup trucks and commercial vehicles, 4-inch standard diameter is easy to replace the original taillights, no additional modifications.

6. Stylish Appearance: Made of high-quality ABS shell with black frosted or chrome-plated bezel design, simple but fashionable, perfect to blend into various vehicle styles.

Installation Guide:

EASY INSTALLATION: Comes with detailed installation instructions and required accessories, most models can directly replace the original taillights, no need for professional skills to complete the installation.

Convenient wiring: tail lights and reverse lights are pre-integrated, just connect the positive and negative wires and reverse signal wires, greatly simplifying the wiring steps.

Applicable scenes:
Suitable for all kinds of passenger cars, commercial vehicles tail lighting upgrade.
Especially suitable for car owners who pursue personalized modification and users who need to improve the safety of reversing at night.

We promise that every 4” round LED taillight has gone through strict quality control tests to ensure that the product you buy is not only beautiful and durable, but also has excellent performance. Upgrade your vehicle’s lighting system today and make every trip a double treat of safety and style!

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