Are E90 and E91 rear lights the same?

The E90 and E91 are chassis codes referring to specific body styles within the BMW 3 Series (E9x generation), produced from 2005 to 2011. The E90 denotes the sedan version, while the E91 represents the station wagon or Touring model. When discussing whether the rear lights of these two models are the same, it’s important to understand the differences in body design and functionalities that might necessitate unique lighting arrangements.

E90 Rear Lights

The BMW E90 sedan features a traditional trunk lid and a distinct rear-end design. Its rear light assembly typically consists of two primary components: brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights integrated into the main housing on either side of the trunk. The design follows BMW’s styling for sedans at the time, which emphasized a sleek and sporty appearance.

E91 Rear Lights

The E91, being a Touring model or station wagon, has a different rear-end configuration to accommodate the larger tailgate. This design change affects the shape and layout of the rear lights. While the E91’s rear lights maintain a similar aesthetic to the E90 to preserve brand identity, they are adapted to fit the extended tailgate. They often extend further down the sides of the car and may incorporate additional lighting elements to cater to the larger surface area and visibility requirements for wagons.

Similarities and Differences

Although the E90 and E91 share the same generation and thus have a familial resemblance in terms of styling, their rear light assemblies are not directly interchangeable due to the differences in body style and functionality requirements. The overall design language, such as the use of LED lighting elements (depending on the trim level and production year), may be consistent between the two, but the dimensions, shapes, and potentially the wiring harnesses differ to fit each model’s unique contours.

Compatibility and Aftermarket Options

When upgrading or replacing rear lights, it’s crucial to source parts specifically designed for your vehicle’s chassis code. Attempting to fit E90 rear lights onto an E91 or vice versa would likely result in an incorrect fit, potentially compromising both aesthetics and safety.

Aftermarket suppliers do offer a variety of lighting options for both E90 and E91, including LED upgrades and custom designs that enhance visibility and give a personalized touch while maintaining compatibility with the respective models.


In summary, no, the rear lights of the BMW E90 sedan and E91 Touring are not the same due to the structural and design differences between the two body styles. Each has been tailored to fit its unique form and function, necessitating model-specific rear light assemblies. When considering replacements or upgrades, it’s essential to select parts designed explicitly for your vehicle’s chassis code to ensure proper fitment, function, and aesthetics.

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