Are E92 and E93 rear lights the same?

The BMW E9x series, encompassing the E90 (sedan), E91 (wagon), E92 (coupe), and E93 (convertible) models, represents the fifth generation of the BMW 3 Series produced from 2005 to 2013. Among enthusiasts, the E92 and E93 are particularly notable for their sleek designs and performance capabilities. One common question among owners and modifiers revolves around the interchangeability and similarities of the E92 and E93 rear lights. This article delves into the specifics, clarifying whether these two models share the same rear lighting units and discussing any variations that exist.

E92 vs. E93 Overview

The E92 refers to the coupe version of the 3 Series in this generation, while the E93 denotes the convertible variant. While they share many design cues and mechanical components, there are inherent differences due to their distinct body styles, particularly concerning the roof mechanisms and rear body structures.

Rear Light Design and Compatibility

At first glance, the E92 and E93 appear to have very similar, if not identical, rear light designs. Both models sport L-shaped taillights that extend onto the trunk lid, contributing to the vehicle’s aggressive and modern aesthetics. These lights typically integrate brake lights, turn signals, and reverse lights in a single housing.

Similarities in Appearance

From an aesthetic perspective, the E92 and E93 rear lights indeed share a striking resemblance. They follow the same design language, utilizing LED illumination for certain functions, which was advanced for their time and contributed to the vehicles’ premium feel. This similarity often leads to the assumption that the lights are interchangeable.

Differences to Note

Despite the visual similarities, there are some key differences to consider:

1. Trunk Lid Integration: The primary difference lies in the integration with the trunk lid. The E93, being a convertible, has a slightly different trunk lid design to accommodate the folding roof mechanism. This can result in subtle variations in how the rear lights attach to the vehicle.

2. Electrical Compatibility: While both models may use similar light technology, there could be minor differences in the wiring harness or connector pins, necessitating adaptors or minor electrical modifications for a seamless swap.

3. Waterproofing Requirements: Given the E93’s convertible nature, its rear lights may incorporate additional waterproofing measures to prevent moisture ingress during top-down driving or when parked in the open. This could affect the direct interchangeability with E92 units.

4. Trim Pieces and Surrounds: The surrounding trim pieces and the way they integrate with the lights might vary slightly between the coupe and convertible versions due to body structure differences.


Technically, with some adjustments, it might be possible to swap the rear lights between an E92 and E93, especially given their visual similarities. However, it’s crucial to account for the points of difference mentioned above, particularly in terms of electrical compatibility and the unique requirements of a convertible model.


In conclusion, while the E92 and E93 rear lights share a strong visual resemblance, they are not entirely identical due to the inherent differences in body structure and the unique demands of a convertible design. Attempting an exchange between the two models requires careful consideration of the potential need for minor modifications or adaptors to ensure proper fit, function, and maintaining the vehicle’s integrity. It’s advisable to consult with a professional or reference detailed technical manuals before attempting any swaps to avoid compatibility issues or unintended consequences.

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