How much does it cost to replace front bumper Toyota?

Replacing the front bumper on a Toyota can be a necessary repair following an accident or as part of routine vehicle maintenance to restore its appearance and safety features. The cost for this service can vary significantly depending on several factors, including the specific Toyota model, where you get the replacement done, whether you opt for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts or aftermarket alternatives, and any additional labor costs involved in painting and fitting the new bumper.

Factors Affecting Cost

1. Toyota Model
Different Toyota models have different bumper designs and materials, which directly affect the price of the replacement part. For example, a Toyota RAV4’s front bumper replacement cost was estimated to be around 1600 yuan in a previous quote, including both the part and labor for painting and installation. The Toyota Camry’s front bumper might cost approximately 1350 yuan for the part alone, not including labor and paint. Luxury models or those with advanced sensors and technology integrated into the bumper may command even higher prices.

2. OEM vs Aftermarket Parts
Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts are made by Toyota or licensed manufacturers to the exact specifications of the vehicle. These tend to be more expensive but offer a perfect fit and often come with a warranty. Aftermarket parts are produced by third-party companies and can be less expensive, although the quality and fit may vary. An OEM Toyota RAV4 front bumper might cost around 1200 yuan for the part alone, while an aftermarket version could be closer to 600 yuan.

3. Service Location
Where you choose to have the work done greatly impacts the total cost. A Toyota dealership, commonly referred to as a 4S store in China, will typically charge more due to their specialized tools, trained technicians, and use of OEM parts. Replacing a bumper at a Toyota 4S store could range from 1200 to 1600 yuan or higher, including labor and paint. Independent repair shops or body shops may offer lower prices, ranging from 600 to 1000 yuan, by using aftermarket parts and having more flexible labor rates.

4. Labor Costs
The labor involved in removing the damaged bumper, preparing the new one for installation (which may include drilling holes for sensors or mounting brackets), painting to match the vehicle’s color, and finally installing the new bumper, can be a significant portion of the total expense. Labor rates can vary widely based on location and the complexity of the job. On average, labor and paint can add another 400 to 600 yuan to the overall cost.

5. Additional Repairs
In some cases, replacing the front bumper may uncover additional damages that need addressing, such as damaged fenders, headlights, or radiator supports. These unforeseen repairs can escalate the total cost of the project.


To accurately estimate the cost of replacing a Toyota’s front bumper, it is advisable to obtain quotes from multiple sources. Contact your local Toyota dealership’s service department, reputable independent repair shops, and possibly online retailers for both OEM and aftermarket parts. Remember to inquire about the inclusion of labor, paint, and any warranties associated with the parts and services. With careful research and consideration of all the factors involved, you can make an informed decision that balances cost-effectiveness with the quality of the repair.

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