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Volkswagen Tiguan R Bumper Forum 2021

Size  Standard
Position  Front Bumper
Material  ABS
Brand Name  TIANCHEN
Model Number  TC-22TIG-R004
Car Make  for Volkswagen Tiguan R
Year 2021
Application  Car Body Accessories
Material  Plastic+ABS
Quality  High-Quality
Function  Protection + Decoration
Type  Car Exterior Upgrade Bodykit
Product Name
Auto Parts bumper grille For VW Tiguan R 2021
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Auto Parts

We sincerely present the high quality bumper grille kit for Volkswagen Touareg R 2021, which adopts the advanced design concept and exquisite manufacturing technology to ensure the harmony and unity with the original car style, and at the same time, improve the overall image and safety of the vehicle.

Product Features:

Precise model fitment: this bumper grille is specially tailored for Volkswagen Touareg R series 2021 models, after strict size and shape verification, to ensure a perfect match with the original parts, non-destructive installation, and realize seamless connection.

Original standard quality: Produced with the same high-quality raw materials as the original, it meets the strict automotive industry standards to ensure durability and not easy to deform and fade, guaranteeing the aesthetics and safety of the vehicle for long-term use.

Innovative aerodynamic design: The unique grille shape combines with modern automotive aerodynamics to effectively guide airflow, reduce wind resistance, improve driving stability, and optimize heat dissipation efficiency, helping the engine to maintain the best working condition.

Personalized elements highlight: the grille part incorporates the sporty elements unique to the Volkswagen Touareg R, showing a strong sense of power and luxury, and the unique line design strengthens the recognition of the front face, further highlighting the personalized taste of the owner.

Convenient Installation Service: The kit contains complete matching installation parts and detailed installation instructions, making the replacement process simple and quick, even for non-professionals, and truly realizing instant replacement.

Core Value and Application Advantages:

Our Volkswagen Touareg R 2021 bumper grille kit is more than just an aesthetic upgrade, it’s a safety enhancement. It not only protects the front end of your vehicle from minor collision damage, but also significantly enhances the stylish and premium look of your body, allowing you to experience a distinctive visual impact while enjoying your drive.

Overall, this bumper grille is not only a solid line of defense for your car, but also an important symbol of unique personality and high-end quality. By choosing our products, you can instantly revitalize your Volkswagen Touareg R and feel confident and proud every time you travel!

bumper grille
For VOLKSWAGEN 2021 Tiguan R

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