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Volkswagen Tiguan R line auto parts rear bumper 2021

Size  Standard
Position  Front Bumper
Material  ABS
Brand Name  TIANCHEN
Model Number  TC-22TIG-RL011
Car Make  for Volkswagen
Year 2021
Application  Car Body Accessories
Material  Plastic+ABS
Quality  High-Quality
Function  Protection + Decoration
Type  Car Exterior Upgrade Bodykit
Product Name
Car Parts Rear Bumper For VW 2021 Tiguan R line
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We are proud to present the professional grade rear bumper kit for 2021 Volkswagen Touareg R series models, which is designed to be a strong safeguard and personalized upgrade for the rear safety of your car with its excellent protection performance and precise model fitment.

Product highlights:

Perfect model fit: This rear bumper is specially developed for Volkswagen Touareg R 2021, strictly following the original data for mold making, to ensure a perfect fit with the original rear structure of the car, so that it can be replaced and installed directly without modification.

Factory-grade quality assurance: made of the same standard high-strength weather-resistant materials as the original, through multiple processes to ensure that the bumper has excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life, effectively preventing daily wear and tear and accidental collision damage to the vehicle.

Integrated design: integrated rear fog lamps, reversing radar and other key functional interfaces, to ensure that the replacement of the bumper does not affect the normal operation of the vehicle’s original functions, while taking into account the aesthetic and practical.

Optimized aerodynamics: The overall contour of the rear bumper is aerodynamically optimized, which can effectively reduce wind resistance and driving noise, and enhance the stability and fuel economy of the vehicle when driving at high speed.

Personalized and sporty style: Following the sporty design language of the Volkswagen Touareg R series, the bumper has smooth lines and exquisite details, which not only enhances the dynamic atmosphere of the whole vehicle, but also shows the owner’s unique taste and extraordinary style.

Simple installation process: Equipped with a full range of installation accessories and detailed installation guide, users can easily and quickly complete the replacement of the bumper, the whole process without complex operation.

Product Advantages and Value Embodiment:

As a tailor-made rear bumper for Volkswagen Touareg R 2021 model, it not only provides vital safety and security, but also enhances the harmony and integrity of the vehicle’s overall appearance. It represents the perfect blend of safety, durability and design aesthetics, giving your car a more distinctive and personalized look while maintaining superior performance.

All in all, this Rear Bumper Kit is ideal for upgrading the rear protection of your Volkswagen Touareg R 2021, adding real peace of mind and confidence to your driving life. Shop now and have solid protection for every trip!

Rear Bumper
For VOLKSWAGEN 2021 Tiguan R line

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