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Volkswagen GOLF 8 R-LINEPP body kit large body kit

Position  Front Bumper
Material  PP
Brand Name  TIANCHEN
Model Number  TC-GF8-R001
Car Make  For VW GOLF 8 RLINE
Application  Auto Industry
Product Name
Car Manufacturers High Quality PP Body Kit Large Surround Kit For VW GOLF 8 R-LINE
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Product Overview

We are pleased to present a carefully crafted high-quality PP (polypropylene) body kit and wrap-around kit, which is specially customized for the highly respected Golf 8 R-LINE model of Volkswagen brand, aiming to enhance the uniqueness and sportiness of the vehicle appearance, while maintaining the consistency and perfect integration of the original car style.

Material and Craftsmanship

This product is made of high quality PP material with good impact resistance, heat resistance and anti-corrosion properties, ensuring that the shape and color can still be maintained under various climatic conditions for a long time. After precision molding and high-precision processing, the kit has a smooth and delicate surface, smooth lines, and fits all parts of the Volkswagen Golf 8 R-LINE body perfectly.

Product Features

Omni-directional coverage: The large package includes, but is not limited to, the front lip, side skirts, rear spoiler and other parts, omni-directional coverage around the body to form an integrated visual effect, effectively enhancing the vehicle’s sense of wholeness and dynamic beauty.

Precise fitment: This kit is designed and produced in strict accordance with the Volkswagen Golf 8 R-LINE original data, easy to install and extremely high degree of fitment, no need to make substantial changes to the original structure of the car, to ensure non-destructive installation.

Performance Enhancement: Not only does it significantly enhance the vehicle grade in terms of aesthetics, but also through scientific aerodynamic design, it optimizes the direction of airflow in the vehicle, which to a certain extent reduces the wind resistance and improves driving stability.

Durable and reliable: thanks to the choice of high-quality PP material, this product has excellent durability, not easy to aging, deformation, durable, to protect your car.

Installation and after-sales service

We provide detailed installation instructions and a perfect after-sales service system, whether you install it by yourself or by a professional technician, to ensure that you can easily complete the installation process of the kit. In addition, we are committed to the quality and suitability of our products and offer a limited period of warranty service.

All in all, this high-quality PP body kit and big surround kit for Volkswagen Golf 8 R-LINE is the ideal choice for you to upgrade your car and show your individual taste, letting your car stand out from the crowd of Golf 8 R-LINE with fashionable aesthetics and practical functions. Put this unique “new clothes” on your Golf 8 R-LINE now and experience the driving pleasure with a new look!

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